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Join Alistair every weekday morning for the Battle of the Postcodes. It’s simple, just battle your way through the week by beating your opponent to win the weekly prize based on the frequency where you listen.

Register now to play and Alistair could be calling you back just after 11am. All you have to do is answer a series of general knowledge, music and trivia questions and score more than your opponent from a different post code area – either DD or PH.

If you win, you stay on to fight the next Battle of the Postcodes the following day.

The person who is the winner after the Battle of the Postcodes on Friday walks away with £102 if they are a DD postcode winner or £106 is they are are PH winner.

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Terms and Conditions
The winner each day stays on to play the following day. If the player is not available, it will be deemed the player has given up the champion position and Wave 102 will chose another contestant to play.
The winner is the person who wins the final Battle of the Postcodes on Friday and will win either £102 or £106 dependant on the post code area they live in (£102 for DD/KY and £106 for PH).
All Wave 102 decisions are final.
Full competition terms available here.

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